Monday, June 29, 2009

Some More Free Money From Citi

Sorry for the sporadic posting. I am still around...

Citi really doesn't want me closing their credit cards!

Two months ago, I called Citi to cancel my Citi AA Amex card. I was offered a choice of rewards to leave the card open and chose 3,000 miles. The other day, I called Citi again to close the same card. This time they offered me $50 credit for leaving the card open, even though I told them clearly I have no use for the card.

I will try to apply the $50 statement credit to a different AA card, as the first year is almost up with this card, and I don't want to be charged the annual fee. I'll let you know how that works out.

It's amazing how much free miles and money one can get from Citi...

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Immanuel said...

It does work. You can get the credit applied to the card you combine the old one to

Shmuly - said...

Immanuel, thanks for the tip.

Are you talking about applying the credit to this Amex card first, then when consolidating the cards, the credit moves over?

With this $50 credit that I was offered, you have to send in a certificate, after which they apply the credit to the account. That's why I am trying to apply the credit to a different card to begin with, as they say it can take two billing cycles for the credit to go through.

Anonymous said...

i called citi to cancel and they offered me 2500 miles so i gladly accepted.
is that they most they offer these days.

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