Friday, September 18, 2009

Google Voice and More Citi Cards

Google Voice
I know this is old news for some, but just in case you haven't heard: Google started to let more people use Google Voice. Click here to request an invite. For some reason, it seems that some people receive their invite quickly, while others have to wait a while. If you need a Google Voice number urgently you can always get an invite on eBay for a few dollars.

You can use Google Voice together with Gizmo Project to create a free phone line anywhere in the world.

For more information:
GrandCentral Upgrades To Google Voice
The Gizmo Project – Free US Phone Line Anywhere In The World

More Citi American Airlines Credit Cards
I applied for 5 new Citi cards. I figured they would only approve three of them, but I tried for all five anyways. I saw on FrugalTravelGuy that some people were approved for more than three cards. However, as I thought, they approved two personal cards and one business. The other two were declined because they only allow two applications for personal cards every 60 days, and one application for a business card every 90 days.
In any case, that should be another 90,000 AA miles!
Click here to apply.


Shliach2 said...

It seems that there is still no way to make outbound calls free unless you have a computer since the Gizmo folks will charge you $0.02 per minute for outbound, even within the USA and Google Voice necessities the use of a computer for outbound calls, if you don't have a landline or cell.

Any Ideas to make free outbound calls within the USA, free, using ONLY a VOIP SIP box?

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