Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free Wifi on AA and At Many Airports

While flying American Airline a few weeks ago, I had my first internet in the clouds experience. It was enjoyable, and the internet speed was pretty good.

Several of their planes are equipped with Wifi. The service is around $10 per flight.
If you fly before December 31st, use the following codes for free access:
AATRYGOGO and 1939admiral70aa. I used them both. There are lots more codes floating around the internet as well.

Some of the seats also have cigarette lighter style power ports, so I was able to plug in a power inverter and keep my laptop charged the entire flight.

Other airlines also have free codes. For instance Delta: DELTATRYGOGO.

Wifi at Airports and Virgin America
Google is offering free Wifi on Virgin America and at many airports till January 15th.
Click here for a list of airports and more info.


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