Monday, November 16, 2009

Renting A Car For A Week Can Be Cheaper Than Renting For 5 Days

You would think that the longer you rent a car for, the more expensive the rental will be. Well, that's not always the case.

When renting a car from Priceline or Hotwire, it is often cheaper to rent a car for a full week, rather than five days. So if you need a car for 5 days, just rent it for a week and return it early. The rental company will be happy to get their car back early, and you will be happy to save a few dollars.

I know I wrote about this in the past, but being that I almost forgot about it, I figured everyone could use a reminder.

When I needed to rent a car for six days, I saw that Hotwire's total price for 7 days was less than the total for 5 days.

Once I saw Hotwire's price, I checked Priceline. I tried 4, 5, 6 and 7 day rentals on Priceline. When I tried the week rental, I bid a few dollars less than Hotwire's total weekly price. After a few tries, I got the rock bottom price that Priceline would accept, which was about 15% cheaper than Hotwire. It was also cheaper than Priceline's total for five days.

Sometimes Hotwire is cheaper than Priceline. So if you check Priceline, and it won't accept a bid if the total is less than Hotwire's total, then rent through Hotwire.

I stress when I say total price, and not just the daily price. The weekly price was so much cheaper per day, that the total cost was less than the total cost for 5 days. (If five days would cost $15 a day, and seven days would cost $13 a day, a five day rental would still be cheaper.)

When you try Priceline for a weeklong rental, make sure to lower your daily bid so much that the total is lower than a 5 day rental and also lower than the total weekly rate at Hotwire.

Note that sometimes a five or six day rental is cheaper than a weekly rental, so do your homework. As always, buy right and spend less.

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