Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amazing Prices to Canada!

Update 2: Total now needs to be over $1,500 in order to get the $600 off.
Site seems to be crashing. Also, lots of the prices went up. So, if you want to take advantage, hurry!

United is offering amazing Vacation Packages to Canada. Prices can be as low as $150 total for two round-trip flights to Canada including hotel stay! That's $75 per person. You also get 5,000 United miles for each person, totaling 10,000!

As long as the package prices out to over $750, you can apply coupon code GOCANADA to take off $600. Total price will very much depend on dates, itinerary and amount of days at hotel. It can take some tweaking to get the right flight/price. For instance, when I searched for NYC-YYZ the price came out quite a bit more than EWR-YYZ. Valid on travel through 4/30/10

Will not last long!

See more on Flyertalk.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Free 3-Month Trial of Amazon Prime

Here's how to get a free three month trial for Amazon Prime and get free two-day shipping on everything sold by Amazon, even if you've had a free trial in the past.

Add a book to your cart. Click through till the final checkout page. At the final checkout page, you should see an offer to sign up for a 3 month trial. You DO NOT need to submit the order, just close the page (or delete the item from your cart). You don't need to buy anything!

Once you're signed up, click here and 'turn off auto upgrade', so that you won't automatically be charged the $79 annual fee once the 3 months are up.

Alamo Car Rentals $10 a Weekend Day

Rates as low as $10 a day.
Pick up from Thursday 9am. Saturday night required. Return by Monday.
Valid from January 6th through February 10th.
Limited locations. Limited availability. Worth a shot.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is That Really a Great Price? Deal Or No Deal.

You see a 'deal' on a deal site and wonder "is it really such a great deal?" Don't forget, most sites make money off the deals you buy when you click through their site. (Shoppers in the know use cashback sites).

I know lots of people just buy what they need when they need it, but for those that want to make sure they are really getting a bargain, here are some of the things I often do to check if it really is a deal:
  1. Search SlickDeals to see what people say about this deal. Also, search if this item was on sale previously. And if yes, how often you can get a this item on sale and for how much.
  2. If it's a deal on a Amazon item, where the price can fluctuate by large amounts, I'll check, which tracks prices on Amazon, and will tell you what the price has been lately. Like that you know if Amazon previously had this item for lower, and by how much.
    In the past, price fluctuations didn't matter that much, because Amazon used to offer a price guarantee, where if the price dropped within 30 days from when you purchased the item, they used to refund the money. They don't offer that anymore. Now, I like to know if the current price is really good.
  3. Search Google Products (or Like that you can see the regular going rate.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

100,000 BA Miles Posted and the $75 Annual Fee Waived

The 100,000 miles from the Chase British Airways Card Promtion posted to my BA mileage account. I will probably use them for American Airlines flights within America to avoid the hefty taxes and fees when flying with British Airways. That was one great signup bonus. Congrats to all who got it.

To make it even sweeter... Chase was kind enough to waive my $75 annual fee! Now the 100,000 miles was totally free!

You can try to get your fee waived too. When activating the card, many people were mistakenly informed that the card would be free the first year. I sent Chase a message using Secure Message Center on, asking for the fee to be removed. A few hours later I got a response that the fee will be refunded. Write a few lines mentioning that you were told that the first year would be free, and hopefully you will get the same response.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

$20 Off $50 at Staples

Update: Expired.
Use code 61777 for $20 off a $50 purchase at Expires today.

Free Stuff !!!

Update: Seems to be over. The headset is still free after rebate, just not free before rebate... I'll comment if any of my orders ship.

This just seems to be good to be true, so it may very well be. Orders will most probably get canceled. Especially being that it's all over Slickdeals.

Get $20 off your order of $20 or more at, Adorama and other sites when using Google Checkout! So, for instance, this Bluetooth headset will be free, and you can even make $20 after rebate. Mp3 player for $0.99

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chase Business Credit Card - 30,000 Priority Club Points

After applying for the Chase Business Checking account, you might want to apply for a Chase Business Credit Card to keep the checking account free.

Chase usually only allows you to earn each credit card signup bonus only once. So if you already received the signup bonuses for the more common Chase business credit cards, like Continental and United, you should look for anther card.

I came across the Chase Priority Club Business Visa which offers 30,000 Priority Club points as a signup bonus. The points aren't such great value, unless you strike lucky and are able to use them for PointBreaks Nights which are only 5,000 points per night. But still, it's not too bad, and the first year is free. Especially now that it looks like we are nearing the end of 30,000 miles signup bonuses with Citi AA cards, we will have to settle for less...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Citi AA Cards No First Year Free - Act Fast

Update 2: Citi is once again offering first year free.
Offer was extended till February 28th 2010. The new link clearly says that it's for new Citi cardmembers only.

Citi AA offers went down to 25,000 miles from 30,000. Also, first year isn't free anymore.

There still is an active link for the Visa Cards which shows 30,000 miles and first year free. So, if you decide to apply for a Citi AA card, even if you've had them in the past, better apply for the Visa. Also, I've seen reports from some people that they were approved for the Visa cards even though they had Citi AA cards in the past. But then again, with Citi, who knows.

The Visa link says it will expire on December 31st, so act fast.

A reader emailed me that he was charged the annual fee on a Business Visa, but after calling them, they refunded the fee. Best thing would be to print out the offer page just in case.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chase Business Checking - $200 or 25,000 Mile Signup Bonus

Chase often offers signup bonuses when opening a checking account. You are limited to one personal account and one business account signup bonus per calendar year.

My wife and I opened our personal checking accounts in the beginning of the year, but for some reason didn't open the business accounts until now.

Being that it is almost the end of the year, we decided to cash in and open Business checking accounts. In January I can open another personal and business account.

There are two signup bonuses to choose from:
- $200 - you need to be logged in to Chase to see this coupon.
- 25,000 Continental Miles - If you want the miles signup bonus, you will need to get a debit card which comes with an annual fee of $65. With the cash you can get a free debit card.

Bear in mind that if you choose the cash signup bonus, you will get a 1099 for it. With the miles there is no 1099.

What's the catch?
- You have to deposit $500 during the first 30 days to earn the bonus.
- If you want to waive the $16 monthly fee, you need to either:
a. keep $4,000 in the account
b. make five purchases with the debit card every month, totaling $35 - Update: The $35 rule was what I was told in the branch, but from searching online, it doesn't seem that in needs to total any amount.
c. have a active Chase business credit card (at least one purchase a month)
d. link the account to a Personal Premier Checking (Premier is a more expensive personal checking account).

I've read that you can ask for the Chase Business Complete package, which gives you both a Checking and Savings accounts fee-free for the first year. I haven't tried it. Will let you know if I do.

My best option would be to find a decent signup bonus for a Chase Business Card. If that doesn't work, then I'll use the debit card five times a month. As far as I know, the account needs to be open for at least three months, but possibly six months, so as not to forfeit the bonus.

Chase might want a DBA or Tax EIN in order to open an account. It seems to vary by location. If Chase asks for a EIN, it's very easy to get, just go to the IRS website and fill out your information.

Note: I usually like signing up for things that don't require constant upkeep, and not have to worry about debit card purchases etc. but this offer is tempting enough to warrant the minor hassle.

Personal Accounts: This coupon for 25,000 miles or this one for $125.

Offer is officially only for the following states: IL, WI, MI, IN, NY, CT, NJ, OH, WV, KY, FL, LA, OK, TX, CO, AZ, and UT.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another 500 Priority Club Points

This link has been around for a while, but I just started with Priority Club.

Monday, December 14, 2009

500 Free Priority Club Points For Survey

I don't currently have any Priority Club points. But I figured why not start collecting.
Survey Link

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Amazon Started A Cashback Program

Update: Amazon pulled the cashback promotion. Oh well.

Amazon started a new program called PayPhrase.

Until December 31st they are offering 5% cashback at Amazon, and 10% when shopping at other sites (like and using Amazon PayPhrase to checkout.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Toy Sale on Amazon

Some quite nice prices.
Sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial. You can then click here and 'turn off auto upgrade'.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Is Citi Churning Coming To An End???

Lots of people are reporting that Citi has been declining new Citi AA applications to people who have had a card during the last year (or maybe even earlier).

If true, that would mean the end of a fun and very rewarding game. I still have some time till I plan on applying again, and I'll let you know if I try to apply.

Did you apply and get declined for a card? Let us know.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Send a Free Postcard By Mail

Send a free postcard in the mail using Google.
Just fill out the information, choose a card and Google will print and mail your card, for free.
Limit one per person.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two Inquiries For Three Citi Cards

I noticed something interesting while looking at my credit reports and those of several of other people. When applying for three Citi AA cards (Business Mastercard, Personal Mastercard and Amex) in one shot, only two inquiries showed up on the credit reports instead of three.

It would seem that when applying for two personal Citi cards simultaneously, there is only one inquiry instead of two. I'm not complaining. The business card runs through a different department, so that would explain why there are two inquiries and not only one.