Sunday, December 27, 2009

Is That Really a Great Price? Deal Or No Deal.

You see a 'deal' on a deal site and wonder "is it really such a great deal?" Don't forget, most sites make money off the deals you buy when you click through their site. (Shoppers in the know use cashback sites).

I know lots of people just buy what they need when they need it, but for those that want to make sure they are really getting a bargain, here are some of the things I often do to check if it really is a deal:
  1. Search SlickDeals to see what people say about this deal. Also, search if this item was on sale previously. And if yes, how often you can get a this item on sale and for how much.
  2. If it's a deal on a Amazon item, where the price can fluctuate by large amounts, I'll check, which tracks prices on Amazon, and will tell you what the price has been lately. Like that you know if Amazon previously had this item for lower, and by how much.
    In the past, price fluctuations didn't matter that much, because Amazon used to offer a price guarantee, where if the price dropped within 30 days from when you purchased the item, they used to refund the money. They don't offer that anymore. Now, I like to know if the current price is really good.
  3. Search Google Products (or Like that you can see the regular going rate.


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