Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two Inquiries For Three Citi Cards

I noticed something interesting while looking at my credit reports and those of several of other people. When applying for three Citi AA cards (Business Mastercard, Personal Mastercard and Amex) in one shot, only two inquiries showed up on the credit reports instead of three.

It would seem that when applying for two personal Citi cards simultaneously, there is only one inquiry instead of two. I'm not complaining. The business card runs through a different department, so that would explain why there are two inquiries and not only one.


Anonymous said...

Dach zich mir

The reason ony two inquiries came up is because buisness appications don't show up as inquiries ever. If you apply for two persona cards, it will come up as two inquiries.

Immanuel said...

As far as I know, business cards do create an inquiry. The only business card that I have seen that at times wasn't generating a hard pull, was Discover.

It's the actual card that never shows up on the credit report, so it won't affect your average age of credit and debt to credit ratio.

Do you know a specific business card that doesn't cause an inquiry?

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