Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chase Checking Accounts - Another 50,000 Miles Or Cash

Here's a reminder to those that didn't sign up for Chase checking accounts in 2010: Every calendar year you can get the signup bonus for both the personal and business accounts. You don't need to close your first account in order to get a second account.

For details on how to open the account and how to keep it free, read theses posts: Chase Personal Checking Account. and Chase Business Checking Account. A point to keep in mind, if you choose a cash signup bonus, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. For the miles bonus, there is no 1099. That maybe a reason to get the miles.

Personal Checking Accounts
  • 25,000 Continental Miles
    Coupon Link

    • Deposit at least $100.
    • Sign up for the Continental debit card with a $25 annual fee. You don't need the $65 one. If you get the $65 one, you get 15 Mileathon points as well. Make sure to make at least one non-pin purchase with the card.
    • Do one of the following to get the bonus and also to keep the account free:
      1. Set up direct deposit. It's very easy to Set up a automatic monthly transfer from ING (and make $25 along the way), or other online bank accounts.
      2. Make 5 purchases with the card. Doing this every month is another way to keep the account free. I think the first way is much simpler.

    Either apply online, or print out the coupon and apply in a branch. Either way, you have to deposit at least $100. If you apply online, make sure to enter your coupon code. You can fund up to $1,000 with a credit card ($500 for checking and $500 for savings) and have it treated as a purchase. Back when I applied, for some reason it wouldn't let me sign up online, so I printed the coupon and applied in a branch.
  • Cash
    You can find codes online and in the post office for $125 signup bonus. The 25,000 miles is more worth it. Unless you never travel.
    Update: Here is a one time use $125 code: 3761118930870854

Business Checking Accounts
  • 25,000 Continental Miles
    Coupon Link
    You need to deposit $500. You must sign up for the debit card with a $65 annual fee. Make 5 purchases a month on the card to keep it free.
    Once again, I tried opening the account online and it didn't work for me. I printed the coupon and went in to the branch.

  • $200
    Coupon Link
    You need to deposit $5,000. Choose the free debit card.
    There used to be an offer for $200 with depositing just $500. Now they raised the deposit requirement to $5,000.


Levi said...

And now that Continental is merging with United, their miles merge as well?

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