Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sprint Sent Me a New (Refurbished) Phone

If you use Sprint and have TEP (Total Equipment Protection) on your plan, you can have your phone replaced even if it's over a year old.

I called Sprint because my phone was not working too well. They did an 'advanced exchange'. They sent me a replacement phone and now I have to send back the broken phone. Being that I didn't go through Asurion (Sprints insurance company), there was no fee for the replacement.

Call Sprint and ask to be put through to Technical Support. They should be able to set up an advanced exchange once you help them understand that they can't fix your phone over the phone.


Anonymous said...

What if you dont have TEP?

Shmuly - said...

You can always try your luck with technical support or with customer service. I was just writing my experience.

sruly said...

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Shmuly - said...

It's a great offer. As far as I understand, you can only do it once.

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