Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up to 40% Bonus When Transfering Amex to Delta

Get up to 40% bonus when transferring Amex Membership Reward points to Delta Skymiles.

Delta miles aren't that great, but this is a nice promotion.

If you're short on MR points, you can open a Amex Gold Card for 15,000 points.


Anonymous said...

can you get the gold card signup if you've gotten already? (is it known to be churnable)?

Shmuly - BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

You should be able to get it without a problem, as this is a new card.
Keep an eye on your mail too, as some people have reported getting a targeted offer for 25,000 points, instead of 15,000.

Anonymous said...

if it wasn't new (or if i do the 15K and then get the 25K) would they give it anyway?

Shmuly - BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

I've heard reports both ways. I currently don't churn Amex cards, so no personal experience.

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