Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up to 40% Bonus When Transfering Amex to Delta

Get up to 40% bonus when transferring Amex Membership Reward points to Delta Skymiles.

Delta miles aren't that great, but this is a nice promotion.

If you're short on MR points, you can open a Amex Gold Card for 15,000 points.


Anonymous said...

can you get the gold card signup if you've gotten already? (is it known to be churnable)?

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

You should be able to get it without a problem, as this is a new card.
Keep an eye on your mail too, as some people have reported getting a targeted offer for 25,000 points, instead of 15,000.

Anonymous said...

if it wasn't new (or if i do the 15K and then get the 25K) would they give it anyway?

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

I've heard reports both ways. I currently don't churn Amex cards, so no personal experience.

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