Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pay Less When You Shop Online: Get Cashback

If you don't use cashback sites when shopping online, you are losing out. Cashback sites are an easy way to earn some extra money. For a better understanding on how cashback works, read this post.

In short:
If you want to earn cashback when making a purchase at a website, first go to a cashback site (Sites like MrRebates, Bing, Fatwallet, Ebates ($5 signup bonus) and BigCrumbs etc.), and from there click the store you want.

Most cashback sites offer anywhere between 1% and 10%. If you make a $100 order, you'll get anywhere between $1 and $10 back. You can get even up to 30% cashback! It really adds up, and doesn't take much time. Remember, all this is besides for the cashback or points you get from your credit card!

Generally speaking, the last site you click from, before completing the purchase, will be considered the place that sent you to make the purchase. So, if you click on a deal from SlickDeals, and then before paying, you go to a cashback site and click through to the store again, you should get the cashback for the purchase.

There are two cashback sites that I started using regularly: MrRebates and Bing. I use Ebates and Fatwallet as well. Depending on how often you shop online, and the size of the purchase, you might just want to stick with Bing and MrRebates for now.

MrRebate's cashback has been from the highest lately. Different cashback sites might have higher cashback for different stores, but I found MrRebates to be overall the best. This is today, things can always change, and it also depends on where you shop.

They have a $5 sign up bonus. You can't take out the money until you have at least $10 in your account. So, in order to get the bonus, you'll need to first earn an additional $5 in cashback.

Once you sign up, you can refer your family and friends to MrRebates. Anybody you refer, you get 20% of their cashback. No, it doesn't take away from their cashback, it is in addition to whatever they receive. And you can't see where they shopped or what they purchased.

Lately, Bing, a Microsoft product, has been offering some real generous cash back. You can earn up to $2,500.00 a year with Bing. Most of the time you get the cashback in your account within a few days, and is available for withdrawal after 60 days. eBay cashback is instantly deposited into your PayPal account.

Bing has two cashback methods: The Regular Method, and The Search Method. You need to sign up for an account at in order to earn cashback.
  • The Regular Method:
    Go to the store section of, find the store you want to shop at, click through and shop.
  • The Search Method:
    Go to and search for things that will bring up the sponsored ad with the cashback. Often you can just search for the stores name, and other times you need to search for something specific. This method works only for some specific stores.

    Some of the amazing Bing cashback deals in the past using the search method: 35% cashback at eBay, 25% at Macy's and 20% at Walmart. Check out this SlickDeals thread for current cashback amounts, just remember that the cashback amount can change as fast as a few times a day.

    If you can't find any keyword that will give you cashback for Walmart, try the link from this page.
More Information:
  • Double Dipping:
    Try at your own risk:
    Double dipping is when you click from one cashback site, then click from another, and try to get the cashback from both sites. With most cashback sites, one will cancel out the other. With Bing however, it seems to work together with any other cashback site. Try it at your own risk. And you definitely have no one to complain to if it doesn't work for you.

  • Shopping Around
    If you are interested, before making a purchase, you can check each cashback site to see who has the highest cashback. Often when a deal is posted on SlickDeals, somebody will mention where to get cashback from.

  • Cashback Not Showing Up
    Sometimes that cashback doesn't show up in the account. A quick message to the cashback site is usually all that is needed.

  • Using Coupons
    With Bing, if you use a coupon code at a website, it might invalidate the cashback. This coupon issue is just with Bing, not with other cashback sites.

  • Large Cashback Amounts
    If it's a real large cashback amount, I will remove the items from my cart and add them again after clicking through the cashback site. I have always received the cashback even without doing that, but with large cashback at stake, I want to be extra sure.
In addition, if you refer someone to MrRebates by 02/14/10, MrRebates will give you a $5 bonus for each person you refer, as long as they make a purchase within the first 30 days of registering.


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