Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Great Customer Service From Amex

I don't write up every positive experience with Amex. Let's just say there are lots of them. Here's one:

The other day I took advantage of a Daily Wish offer from American Express. Amex offers daily sales and promotions on their Daily Wish page. This offer was for 50% off shipping with Fedex. I went ahead and shipped with Fedex, but the charge didn't show up on my card till after the promotion was over. I emailed Amex through their website, asking if there is anything they can do, and just a few hours later I got a response:

"I have received your e-mail regarding the offer with Fed Ex.

I was unable to locate the actual offer, however, I have issued a credit of $31.07 to your account which will appear on your upcoming statement.

I appreciate your understanding. We have valued your membership since 1999 and if there is any other way I can assist you, please feel free to respond."

It's stories like that which make using my Amex all the more rewarding.


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