Monday, March 1, 2010

Issues With Getting Bing Cashback

If you are new to 'cashback', see this post first.

When you click through Bing to make a purchase, you should see the cashback pending in your Bing account within a few days. With some stores, even within a few minutes. You then usually need to wait 60 days before withdrawing the money, but you still see it as 'pending' after just a few days.

It does happen, however, that the cashback doesn't post by itself. When that happens, you need to ask Bing to post the cashback.

Go to Bing, click on contact us, then click the link that says After 2 days my transaction is not showing in my account. Bing will then send you an email. Reply to that email and paste the order confirmation email you received when ordering the item, and within a day or two you should see the cashback post in your account. No calling, no waiting on hold, just a simple email.

Usually my cashback shows up by itself. Once, with a Walmart purchase, it didn't show up. A quick email to Bing solved it. However when one of my Macy's cashback didn't show up, Bing replied that they can't find any record that I clicked through Bing.

Moral of the story: The cashback usually shows up, but make sure that even without the cashback you still would want the item, or that you can easily return it, if the cashback doesn't show up. Also, make sure you are sign in to Bing and type your email correctly. If it's a real big purchase - with a real big cashback, you may want to clear your cookies first as well, if you clicked through a different site before clicking from Bing.


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