Friday, March 5, 2010

Mint Order Update

From a few months back, lots of people were reporting their orders getting canceled, while some cards even seem to have stopped giving points for it. The other day I received a $750 order of coins from the mint, I ordered. This after not having ordered from them for a while. I purchased the coins with with a Citi AA card, and the miles all posted.

FrugalTravelGuy also reports of a new 50 box cumulative limit for the Native American coins. Bottom line: If you need to order coins from the mint, don't order too many or too often. If your orders start getting canceled, then you are ordering too much.

The Mint added this to the ordering page: "The immediate bank deposit of $1 Coins ordered through this Program does not result in their introduction into circulation and, therefore, does not comply with the intended purpose of the Program." If you are worried about it, why not actually take out some of the coins for when you need cash.

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