Wednesday, April 7, 2010

50,000 Miles Signup Bonus - Chase United Visa

Update: Entering the wrong zip code when you call, might help you get the card offer.

Chase is offering a 50,000 miles signup bonus for the Chase United credit card. This is a great offer, their highest bonus is usually 30,000.

Annual fee is $60, but first year is free. The phone reps say that you will get the bonus after first purchase. But being that the offer online says that you need to spend $250, I would spend $250 just in case. Also, if the annual fee does show up on the card, it should be real easy to get it taken off.

The application isn't available online. You need to call Mileage Plus Customer Service (1-800-421-4655 for non-elites) to apply.

1. Choose "manage my account"
2. Tell them your mileage number and zip code
3. Say "more options"
4. Say "apply for a United mileage plus card".
5. Tell them you are a Mileage Plus member and are trying to apply for the 50,000 signup bonus.

1) In New York Chase is doing the credit check at Experian.
2) People are getting approved even after applying for the BA card back in November.

See more on ViewFromTheWing and this Flyertalk thread.

10% Off United Miles
Once we're talking about United, they have a promotion running till April 12th, for travel through May 26th: 10% off awards in the US and between US and Canada.


levi said...

can i get it if i dont yet have a united mileage account?

Levi said...

heres a link to signup for the free "Mileage Plus" program:

Levi Again :) said...

srry this link should work

Anonymous said...

do you need to give all your info over the phone? or if you have an old chase card, will they refer to your old info? said...

I think you need to give all the information over the phone.

shimzah said...

you only get the bonus if you dont currently have ANY chase UA card

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