Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amex Premier Rewards - 25,000 Points - Limited Time Offer

I am in the middle of putting together a list of credit cards with nice signup bonuses, but this one is a limited time offer. It's officially available from April 13th - April 26th.

Amex Premier Rewards - 25,000 Points

25,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $1,000. First year is free. After that it's $175/yr. If you spend $30,000 during a calendar year, you get an additional 15,000 points.

If you only see the old offers of 10,000 or 15,000, try using a different browser or deleting your cookies. Don't sign in to your Amex account either, as doing so might lower the reward as well.

This offer isn't as generous as some of the other credit card signup bonuses that were around lately (100,000 and 50,000...), but there's no reason you can't get this one in addition to getting those.

Membership Rewards is a great program. If you don't want the points for flights, you can always redeem the 25,000 for $250 in gift cards.

Update: If spending the $1,000 is a problem, try this link, where you get the 25,000 after first purchase instead.


1) In New York Amex is doing the credit check at Experian.
2) If you are going to transfer the points to Delta (usually not recommended), then consider the Delta SkyMiles card with 35,000 Miles signup bonus, or try this link for maybe more.
3) For a Amex card to use for everyday spending, I would generally recommend the Starwood over this one because: Lower annual fee, 25% miles bonus and it reports the credit limit to the credit bureaus. If you have a low credit line with the Starwood, and you need to spend a lot of money, then the Premier card might be better for you, as it comes with no preset spending limit.
4) Click through Fatwallet for $20 cashback.
5) Keep an eye on you mail, as Amex sometimes sends out some targeted offers for 50,000 points.


Anonymous said...

any reason to take the "after $1000" card over the "after 1st purchase" one?
which is more likely to give the 'accidental' additional 15,000 points that the old (15,000 mr points)link was giving?

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

I don't know. The official offer was after spending $1,000. The "after first purchase" was a link that was found to work. The official link is down to 15,000, the other link still says 25,000 for me.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a printout of the "after purchase" link? I applied through that link but didn't print out the page and would like to have proof in case they don't grant it.

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...


Anonymous said...

the google cache has since 'updated'. does anyone have a image?
or for that matter a promo number?

(i signed up, but the phone rep tells me they see 25K after $1000 not 1st purchase)

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

I have a printout of the offer. If you need it, send me an email.

Here's from the terms and conditions:
"25,000 bonus points will be credited to your Membership Rewards account 8-10 weeks after you make your first eligible purchase. Limit one offer per Card Account. Bonus ID 3915"

Anonymous said...

i called them, they said 25K after $1,000. i gave them the Bonus ID # and they said sure, no problem, you'll get the points soon
thanx for the help

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