Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free BMI Silver Status For a Year Plus 2,000 Miles

Update: Offer is gone.

BMI is offering free silver status, and 2,000 miles to new members. This makes you Star Alliance Silver as well. This gives you nice benefits, including lounge access with BMI and extra luggage on BMI, United, US Airways and Continental.

It says that the promotion is for new members of JC WIZO.net, so they might reject you. Definitely worth a try.

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shimzah said...

i got automatically accepted

ck said...

me too

shimzah said...

does this work on all star alliance partners?
can i take advantage of the lounges etc. before i receive my actual card?
what are the baggage perks?

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

Different airlines have different benefits for Star Alliance Silver. I linked to the ones that have extra baggage allowance for Silver.

Yes, you should get all the benefits even before receiving the card. Unless they cancel the account...

Make sure to enter your BMI number online or by check-in. You can then try to switch the number after check-in if you would rather earn the miles on a different airline.

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