Monday, April 19, 2010

Free Wifi in NY For Cable Customers

A friend pointed out this tip. It has been around for a while, and it just got better.

Cablevision has wireless hotspots all around the NY area. If you have Optimum Online internet, you can connect to any of their many hotspots free of charge. If you are in a hotspot, and search for wireless networks, you should see a connection called 'optimumwifi'.

You can connect up to four devices. Say you have cable internet at work, this can be a way to get free internet at home. You can even make different user names for each device. Cablevision doesn't want you giving out free internet to people... so use discretion.

It just got better
A new agreement between the three tri-state cable companies: If you are a Cablevision, Time Warner, or Comcast customer, you can get free Wi-Fi access at all the thousands of locations around NY from all three cable companies.


Anonymous said...


We can optimimum. How do you log into it? said...

Using your Optimum user name and password. Once you log in once from a device, it should log you in automatically the next time.

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