Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Up to 35,000 Miles Signup Bonus For Citi American Airlines Credit Cards - Or Retention Bonuses

Citi is now offering 30,000 miles as a signup bonus (after spending $750), plus another 5,000 miles for spending $5,000 during the first year. The first year is free.

There are three cards to choose from: Personal Visa, Personal Amex and Business Visa. If you haven't gotten any of them yet, why not get all three. If you've had one of the cards, try for the other two. These days the chances aren't too great for getting accepted for a card if you've had the same exact card in the past. If you've had one of the cards, and closed it a while back, then it might be worth it to try again.

If you're new to American Airline miles, sign up using promotion code HIS10 to maybe get 1,000 miles.

Or Retention Bonuses...
If you already opened all these Citi AA cards, here's a way to get some easy extra miles out of them. Almost every time I call Citi to close one of my Citi AA cards, I get offered some sort of bonus to keep the card open. I accept the bonus. When I call back a month later to close the same card, I often get a second bonus for keeping the card open, again. By the third time, they'll usually get the hint, and just close the card.

When I called to close my personal Amex, after looking in to my account and telling me all the bonuses I already got on this specific card, the guy offered me 3,000 miles to keep it open "for at least another few weeks" and "you can call back then to close it"...

I didn't close my personal MasterCard yet, as that's where I have the main chunk credit with Citi. Citi doesn't seem to want to consolidate cards anymore (moving the credit line from one card to another). I will probably wait until the first free year is over before closing that card. We'll see. I am now down to two Citi AA cards: one personal Mastercard, and one Personal Amex.

If you have extra Citi AA cards that you're not using, why not call to cancel. Either they will offer you some miles to keep them open, or they will close it. Either way is good. Call for each card separately.

These are some of the retention bonuses I was offered in the past: 5,000 miles; 3,000 miles; 2,500 miles; $85 statement credit; $50 statement credit and 2,500 miles; Triple miles on next $5,000 spent (totaling 15,000 miles); Double miles on next $5,000 (totaling 10,000 miles); Spend $500 in the next three months and get 3000 miles; 5 miles per dollar on gas, drugstores and supermarkets for the next 12 months.

1) In New York, Citi is doing the credit check at Equifax
2) For more on closing credit cards, see this post: Closing Credit Cards – Is It A Good Idea?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this heads-up! I just called to close the account, and they put two offers on the table: 3,000 miles credited to my account instantly, or the triple miles on the next $5,000 spent (over the next six months).

I took the triple-miles offer. Nice deal! And the six-month bonus-earning period coincides with the 1-year anniversary of my card, so I'll call back then to close it and, as you have noted might happen, hope to have them waive the annual fee for year 2.


BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

You're welcome! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

they wouldn't let me get all 3, said i applied for too many

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