Monday, May 3, 2010

Amex Return Protection and Amex Online Claims

A way to live better while spending less, is to take advantage of situations that present themselves. Be it a 30,000 mile signup bonus that can save you a few hundred dollars next time you travel, setting up a free worldwide phone service or making sure to use a credit card that rewards you and protects you from all different issues that can come up with purchases.

Keeping on top of things like that can make a difference of thousands of dollars a year! Just because something sounds too good to be true, doesn't mean it is. That's not to say that you should take advantage of every single offer, signup bonus and benefit out there. Read the details of different offers and benefits, and decide for yourself which ones you want to take advantage of.

Some things take time till they reward you, while with other things you see it right away. Don't not take advantage of something just because the reward will be months or years in the future.
The point is to invest in the future, think ahead and think outside the box.

Here's an example. When shopping with an American Express credit card (and lots of other cards for that matter, I just like Amex the best) you are automatically protected from many different issues that can come up with a purchase. Anywhere from disputing the charge, to the item breaking a year and a half after purchasing, to wanting to return the item simply because you don't like it. So when you shop, think twice about which credit card you use.

I recently took advantage of the one major Amex benefit that I haven't utilized yet, Amex Return Protection.

If you buy an item and the store doesn't want to take it back, and it's still within the first 90 days after purchases, Amex will take it back and credit you the full amount, up to $300 per item, and $1,000 per year. If the store will take it back, but will charge you a restocking fee, Amex will cover the restocking fee, up to $300!

Click here to file a claim online, or call them at 1-800-297-8019. Click here for more information on this benefit.

If Amex wants you to send them the item, which in my experience, they always did, you will need to pay to ship the item to them.

This benefit comes with most Amex cards free of charge. Cards from other banks that have the Amex branding (like the Citi AA Amex) do not have the same benefits, although they might have their own.

My experience
I purchased something from BestBuy. Two months later I filed a online claim with Amex, (BestBuy only has a 30 day return policy). I was then instructed to email Amex a copy of the receipt, which I did. Two weeks later I got an email telling me to ship the item to Amex at my expense. Once they received it, they credited the full purchase amount to my credit card. All I lost in the process was $2 for shipping the item to Amex (First Class Mail).

Filing claims online:
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Anonymous said...

Does this work even if you opened and used the item?
What about if it broke and the store doesnt want to take it back? said...

Yes. As long as it looks new, you should be fine.

If it broke, then you should be using Purchase Protection instead. That's even better, because it covers up to $1,000, instead of just $300.

Unknown said...

FYI - Cell phones and some other electronics are excluded:

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