Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Amex Starwood 30,000 Points Signup Bonus!

American Express is now offering 30,000 points signup bonus after spending $1,000 during the first three months! This is the best offer from the Starwood Amex that I've seen.
The offer is for both the Personal and the Business cards, and the first year is free.

If you haven't gotten one of them in the past, get it now! Or better yet, get them both for 60,000 points (120,000 if your spouse get's them too). The offer expires July 6th 2010.

The Starwood Amex is a great card to keep long term, and is one of my two main cards, together with Charles Schwab, that I use on a regular basis.

Some benefits of this card:

- It's an Amex - Great benefits and security and Ages your credit history!
- Reports your credit line to the CRA's - which helps keep your score high. Not all cards report it.
Best points/mileage program - more on OneMileAtATime and DansDeals.
- Hotel nights start at just 2,000 points
- Points transfer to miles in over 30 airlines
- Transfer 20,000 Starwood points into 25,000 miles - Often there are promotions for more.
- Low annual fee - First year free, after that it's $45/year

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Menachem said...

What about the bonus 15.000 points for spending $15.000 in the first 6 months?
Does this card include that as well? said...

This seems to be instead of the 15,000 points for spending $15,000 during the first months.

As a side point, this offer is much, much better than the regular offer, for three reasons:
1)You only need to spend $1,000, not $15,000
2)Even if you spend $15,000 with the regular offer, you will end up with 40,000 points. With this offer on the other hand, if you spend $15,000, you will end up 45,000 points.
3)This offer is also for the business card. The regular 15,000 bonus offer is officially only for the personal card.

David said...

Two questions:

1) Is it easy to "make up" a business for the business card like we do for citi AA?

2) If I currently own the personal Starwood card can I open another one with this offer and get the bonus? said...

1) I don't understand why you need to make up a business. See this post for more info.

2) If you close the old card before applying for the new one, then in theory you should get 20,000 points, as that is the difference between the regular signup bonus and this one.

Here's from their terms and conditions:

Restriction on Welcome Bonus Points:
You may receive Welcome Bonus Points for opening a card account. If you open another card account with a higher Welcome Bonus Points award, you will only get the difference between the first and second awards.

The question is if they will consider the previous bonus 10,000 or 25,000. (10k plus 15k for spending $15k).

If you still have the old Starwood, I'm not sure if you would get the bonus or not.

You should be able to get the business one. said...

Also, you can try applying without entering you Starwood membership number.

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