Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Google Voice Open to All - No Invitation Needed

Google Voice used to be open by invite only. It wasn't too hard to acquire an invite, but now Google made it easier by making it open to the public.

Google Voice is a great way to have a totally free US phone line anywhere in the world. I have been using Google Voice with an old Voip box (from Sunrocket) for the past couple of years, and love it.

In short:
Google Voice gives you a free US phone number. You can either choose by area code, or see if they have a word available. They don't give you a phone, just a phone number. So, you need to have another component to actually let you make and receive phone calls. Any phone will do the trick. If you want the whole thing to be totally free, then use one of the free programs out there, that can either be used as a soft-phone on the computer (you would then use a mic and headset to talk), or can be installed on an old voip box, you would then connect any land line phone to the voip box (this way would be much clearer).

I set it up my Google Voice with Gizmo Project, but now Gizmo Project is not accepting new sign-ups, so try Sipgate. I'll write up an updated post on the best ways to use Google Voice sometime when I have a chance.

You can also use Google Voice as a voicemail service, and for sending free text messages. Google Voice has unlimited free calls to anywhere in the US and Canada, free texts to anywhere in the world (I think) along with decent prices to the rest of the world.

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Anonymous said...

sipgate charges 1.9 cent per minute
is that only outgoing? or also incoming?

BuyRightSpendLess.com said...

Incoming should be free.

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