Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Sale on Pampers at Amazon - $27.89 For Big Box - Now $26.85!

Update 2: The Subscribe and save discount went up to 30%, making the total $26.84!
Update: Price dropped to $40.49, making the total $26.85!

Amazon currently has an amazing sale on diapers. They are offering 30% off most of their diaper products using Subscribe and Save. You cancel the subscription straight after ordering. Plus you can use a coupon for another $1.50 off.

I got the Pampers Economy Plus Pack for $27.89 after discounts, with free two day shipping. The regular price is $41.99. Usually the discounts are only for the smaller boxes, not on the big Economy Plus packs. So this came out very, very cheap.
  1. Click here, then click the coupon that says 'Save $1.50 on any ONE Pampers Diapers or Pants'. You may need to refresh the page a few times to get the coupon to show up. Once you click the coupon, come back here to #2.
  2. Pick the size you need:
    Size 1 (252 count)

    Size 2 (228 count)

    Size 3 (204 count)
    Size 4 (176 count)

    Size 5 (156 count)

    Size 6 (128 count)
  3. On the right side of the page, click 'Subscribe Now' for 15% off (Now 30% off).
  4. By checkout, use coupon code PMPLUVJN for another 15% off
  5. Once your order ships, you can cancel your 'Subscribe ans Save' in a second. Just click here, and cancel your subscription.
Total price is $41.99 -15% -15% -$1.50 coupon = $27.89.
Without the $1.50 coupon it's $29.39, which is still a great price.


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